Friday, July 1, 2011


It can be difficult and confusing to know exactly what you should do to get into college as you approach the end of high school (or as your child approaches the end of high school!). By using this simple guide, you will simplify the process of getting into college – making sure you know all the things you need to know, and breaking everything down so it is a lot less difficult and overwhelming.
You should get started as early as possible, preparing for college entrance – even as early as your freshman year of college – as this is the best way to be fully prepared. If you start this early, you can take the SAT and ACT plenty of times, getting more and more familiar with it every time. You can also make sure you will be taking college prep courses by the end of high school if you get started early, setting up your class schedules in such a way that will enable you to reach this goal. But you can still do just fine – even if you have not taken the time to prepare for college entrance so far in advance!
The SAT and the ACT (that is, your performance on the standardized tests) is the main thing that colleges will be looking at during the entrance process. Too many people go into the SAT or ACT with no idea of what to expect or of how they should approach these tests – which leaves them with no idea as to how they might properly succeed. If you have started late, you should study as hard as you can for these tests; after all, these tests will open doors for your future!
Colleges also appreciate students who have been involved in some form of leadership or community service while they were in high school. Start making an effort to attend leadership conferences and events; join a club that will put you in a position where you can help your neighborhood or city; participate in youth groups and community events.
How do you really know which college to choose, this is definitely not an easy task. It is especially difficult when you are first getting started. There are so many things that on has to consider, when choosing a particular school and even more so you have to choose a course of studies. Now, in order to make this choice you need to realize what you are strong in and what your true talents are. If you are strong in math say for instance, you like dealing with figures, finances could be something to consider. You most definitely want to choose something that you have a passion for. Many times we may have talents in different areas; like mechanics, hairdressing, bookkeeping, etc. Once you have made these decisions, now it's time to choose the school of choice.
Preparation is so important; first you need to choose at least 4 schools that can accommodate you field of study. This is going to take a little time, but definitely worth it. Now you need to research them, find out more about what they have to offer. Once you do this it will be much easier to choose the school you wish to attend.
And finally, you can use a great college entrance essay to improve your chances of getting into college; make sure you take your time in writing this, and give them something good! Once you put all these elements together, your chances of attending the school that you want to attend will greatly improve!

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